Thursday, January 14

Top 5 songs I listened to most in 2009

Listening to lots and lots of spoken word stuff has had a real impact on my exposure to music. I mean, I still play tunes, it's just that I don't seem to have heard that much new stuff recently. Things have got so bad that I think I only own maybe 3 albums released last year, tops. Therefore, the idea I had of putting together a personal top 5 for songs released last year is, if not impossible, then at least pointless.

Instead, I've cobbled together this top 5 list of 'things I've listened to the most' in 2009 using and my iTunes playcount. These tracks are possibly not the best reflection of what I've been into this year as, these days, I've shockinly taken to listening to full albums in order, which after years of shuffled playlists, has been quite a nice change. Still, it's been fun to look over my charts. Anyway, in at number 1:

1. Going Up The Country by Kitty, Daisy & Lewis
This is number 1 on the back of the pub quiz I co-host and DJ at. It's a real foot stomper and always goes down pretty well. I first heard this while browsing in the Red Door Gallery in Edinburgh and it drove me mental all day trying to remember who did the original (Canned Heat). Best bit: 0:42, when the drums start you've got yourself a party.

2. The Devil's Crayon by the Wild Beasts
I listened to this track a whole heap in 2008 too. I just dig it. Their newest record, Two Dancers is one of the only things I actually went into a shop to buy this year. Best bit: 0:40, the tap on the drums (also the awesome chicken-necking in the video).

3. The Wagon by Dinosaur Jr.
I knew one, maybe two Dinosaur Jr. songs before the Alien Workshop video came out and now I know a whole heap. The Wagon, the opener on their Green Mind LP, is one I loved right away. Best bit: 0:33 the backing vocals.

4. Infinitea by Down The Tiny Steps
This is a lovely little song. Down The Tiny Steps (now defunct) were part of the Fence Collective and frequently stole the show whenever they performed. The frontman, Jonnie Common, is still doing some brilliant stuff. I couldn't find Infinitea anywhere online, so I quickly put together this little video clip with some scarves that were lying around. Best bit: 0:51, 'and the whole thing looks so very strange to meeeeee'.

5. There's a Ghost In My House by R. Dean Taylor
Another good one for a dance this. Stick it beside Tainted Love and you're the hottest ticket in town. Best bit: 1:32, it's hard to hold back a couple of claps after 'sitting in my easy chair'.

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  1. The Fall did a rather shambolic cover of 'There's A Ghost In My House' that I rather enjoy too. Goo songs Dave!

    John C