Monday, November 23

Our Party Invitations

Last Saturday we threw a party to celebrate our engagement. Now that the date has past, I can post the invitations I made without the (very slim) risk of gatecrashers eating our sausage rolls. Time was tight, but as the first piece of graphics work I've done in a while I think they turned out pretty good. We sent them off to for printing:

It was the first time I'd used Moo and, man, they're pretty good. I've no complaints whatsoever. The quality of the printing and materials is fly and their small batches were just what we were looking for.

As for the party, the night went brilliantly. It flew by in a flash but we both had a blast. From Alex and myself, thanks to all our friends and family for coming along and for bombarding us with amazing presents. Thanks especially to Fiona & Ian and Mary & Malcolm (our folks) for all their help.

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