Thursday, November 5

Creature Double Feature

If you happen to be on the streets of Philadelphia first-Fridaying tomorrow night, please make a stop at Brave New Worlds to catch Creature Double Feature, a show curated by my friend Concetta.

A bunch of artists (myself included) have been asked to give their interpretation of the word 'creature' for the show. The results are being nailed to the wall as I type, and as far as I can imagine, look awesome. If you can make it along, I'd strongly recommend it because I've heard there are some amazing artists involved.

The show will run through November with the opening party on Friday 6th November from 6-9pm at Brave New Worlds, 45 N. 2nd Street.


  1. I saw one of your works at the store and fell hard for it. I was like, this is something I will regret if I walk away without buying. So I bought it. Now I know the perfect spot for it in my apartment.

    You produce wonderful, incredibly unique work.


  2. hahahaha we need blog friends lol :)