Thursday, October 1


A late little doodle in my sketchbook for the Illustration Friday theme 'pattern'.

I tried drawing the pattern from my shirt for this one. Instead of the more straightforward criss-crossing lines method, I treated each little box separately and drew them one at a time. As you can see, it went all wonky pretty quickly. I think I'm going to have another go at this, perhaps with a different shirt.

On a related note, I just checked wikipedia and discovered something I didn't know. Technically 'tartan' is just a name for a pattern made up of criss-crossed horizontal and vertical bands. Wow. I always thought it was something more specific related to the fabric. I guess this means with the current boom in checked shirts (plaid to our American friends) you can legitimately say things like 'I'm going to Topman for a tartan shirt' and be correct. You'll sound insane, but you'll be correct.


  1. I like it wonky! Its charming.

  2. it's simply perfect! love the style.

  3. I like this. Everyone at college wears tartan shirts. I counted 17 in one room the other day. There are also a lot of red heads. I counted 11 in illustration. Everyone is being very patrioic and they don't even know it.