Saturday, September 5

Skinny Malinky Opens Tonight

Here's an exciting behind the scenes photo from the Skinny Malinky install last night. It's a glamorous life for sure.

Just a reminder that the show opens tonight (Sat 5th of September) at 7pm. It's a little tricky to find the entrance so aim for the Argyll Arcade in Glasgow and head down the little lane at Zara on Buchanan St. Down somewhere near Sloans is a little passage into the arcade itself. There's a lot of building work going on just now so you might feel you're going the wrong way - you're not! Once inside the arcade, head to the end and you'll find the lift and stairs, head up to the sixth floor to Che Camille.

That's maybe less helpful than saying nothing, have a go though. If you can't find it, head to the pub - it's Saturday night after all.

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  1. hope the opening goes well, have a good night!