Saturday, November 1

Batman vs Superman in Glasgow

It's late and I'm up early, but I kinda want to call dibs on this incase it gets big. I was heading for the train in Glasgow after a Halloween party and caught the beginnings of a scrap on Sauchiehall Street. The ghosts of comedy were obviously in the air, because the two chaps were in full-on Batman and Superman gear. It wasn't too violent or anything, lots of shoving and squaring-up, but it was completely for real.

My video is only short and dark because we were running late, I'm sure better ones will show up sooner or later. Batman was very hesitant, Superman looked well up for a scuffle. Batman pulled out his mobile at one point and was of course hit with Batphone gags. I should have filmed a little longer, it cuts at the good bit.

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