Saturday, November 22

Artwork Page Update

This is a little announcement to announce the new artwork section I have made. You can see it on the top left of this page. For ages and ages it sat as a long list of titles and it wasn't too great for navigating. Now it's gone all thumbnail crazy. Hopefully things will catch the eye a little better and it will be less of a chore to update.

As web layouts are not really my thing, I've kinda botched the new page together with some html tables. As far as I can tell there shouldn't be display problems for anyone, but things being the way they are, it could look like a confusing mess on certain browsers. If the page is misbehaving for you, I'd really appreciate you contact me and let me know.

The section remains a work in progress though, I'm still undecided about the 'featured artwork' bit. I intend to update it regularly and I'm hoping it will be quite attention grabbing, but it could end up being more annoying than anything. The 'newest work bit' is probably quite handy though. The rest shall be properly ordered and expanded over time too. I'll possibly make a separate page for doodles and sketchbook stuff when there's more work up there.


  1. all appears to be fine on this browser, internet explorer on a pc. will have a look on my mac when i go back north a bit. it's a nice layout. i've been meaning to thumbnail-crazy on my website for months now, but i never get round to it...

  2. Great! Cheers Jen. Yeah, these things have a way of never getting started. Either that or they end up never getting finished.