Sunday, June 15

Wild Beasts

Here's another 'Music Monday' feature. This time it's on a Sunday.

The best part of a year ago, my friend Beth introduced me to a band named Wild Beasts. She was mainly getting me to look at the above video for their song 'Brave Bulging Buoyant Clairvoyants', as it had been directed by her friend. It's a great video, but I really liked the song too, so I hunted it out. They've got an ace weird 'n' spooky thing going on, especially the singer. He sounds like a ghost has joined a band. They've also got a touch of Adam & Joe's 'Jazz Queens' to them.

The main reason for writing this now is that I hear that they've got an album out tomorrow (Monday 16th June). I guess I'm being slightly music-snobby in an 'I knew about them ages ago' kinda way by mentioning this now, incase they get all famous. That'd be a good thing though, because they're a good band. I've been playing that tune when I 'dj' at Nicky-Tams in Stirling for the past forever. Buy the album!

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