Monday, June 30

Analogue Books

Right. I'm going for a week of posting. At least 1 a day. First of all is news that everyone's favourite shop, Analogue, has had website overhall. It's all modern and clean, plus you can actually see and buy all the nice stuff they sell. There's info about all their past exhibitions (including mine) too. Go to

Also, if you're in Edinburgh, head along to Analogue in person and see the rockin' doorway installation that my good friend Rue Five has just finished. Look at him go:

Way to stand on a chair! He's put some cool wee wooden building things up there too. Go to his blog to have a look at more of his work - HERE

One more Analoguey thing to check out is Early Griffin Press ( by Analogue allstar Julie and her friend Natalie. They release amazing limited runs of screenprints by awesome artists for you to put on your wall. The current ones are by French, Rachel Cattle and Tom Gauld. They also have a blog - HERE

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