Wednesday, March 5

March News

Philadelphia is the news. My show opens on the 8th of May in Amble and I have some hard work to do. As usual, any sort of schedule is out the window and I'm preparing for a mental breakdown around the 18th of April. The only certainty so far is the title, which I will keep a secret for just a little while longer. The reason: no reason!

I'll be travelling out almost a year since my last visit, this time with my old friend Fergi. Philadelphia is a step up from other trips we've managed since school, which have included the wonderlands of Blackpool, Anstruther and, wait for it, Livingston. I'm pretty excited.

Apart from that, I've a few projects on the go that I can't really mention until they're final - which makes them no-news I suppose. Why am I telling you this? Because no-news is better than bad-news you dummy.

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