Thursday, February 7

Xbox 360

After my Tenterhooks show at Analogue, I treated myself to an Xbox 360. I've always been fairly into my computer games, though I wouldn't dare to call myself "hardcore" (who would?). I tend to buy only a few games which I know either to be fantastic, or that seem really up my street, and play them fairly thoroughly. Joining the current generation, a little late as usual, is still always a wee event.

I'd been toying with a new console for a while, but the tipping point for buying the 360 was Skate by EA. It's already made it to my Top 5 all time games. As a dirty skate-rat, it's a brilliant representation of skateboarding and makes the Tony Hawk Pro Skater series look really tired and just, well, crap. I will perhaps write a little something more about Skate soon, but you can see some of my uploaded videos HERE for now if you like. I'm very good.

Call of Duty 4, Portal, Team Fortress 2 and Rez HD are all amazing as well. As with Skate, I might do a little post about my experiences with them just because it'd be fun to write. If you have an Xbox yourself, I'd recommend all of the above games. I've not been disappointed yet.

But.. the point of writing all this is really just to say that I could do with some more folk on my freinds list. If you would like to add me on Live, my gamertag is Galletly. Oh, here's a little thing I can post:

If it's of any use, I'm a bit crap at COD4, alright at TF2 and the doo's boos (good) at Skate. I'm also lovely.

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