Friday, February 15

Knitting & Crochet Bee

Kirsteen MacDonald, the Visual Arts Development Officer for The Changing Room has started a little knitting and crochet club at the Tolbooth in Stirling. I've made a flyer for it in a little envelope that can be used for swapping patterns and stuff. The Bee is on Wednesday nights and is open to all. I try to go myself when I can, despite being useless. I'll post the info here so the search engines pick it up:

Knitting & Crochet Bee
Wednesdays 5.30 - 7pm
Upstairs at the Tolbooth: all welcome
Jail Wynd, Stirling, FK8 1DE
For more info contact Kirsteen MacDonald
Tel: 01786 274005

If you're interested, either ping Kirsteen an email or get in touch with me and I'll tell you what I can. Here's a slightly clearer version with the details, will possibly get a better scan/photo of the other bit soon:

Go along if you fancy it, don't just sit on your bum. Everyone is really nice and there is usually some cakes and tea and stuff. If you would like some flyers to distribute anywhere, contact me.

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  1. i love to knit...and these drawings make me happy.