Monday, February 11

Jeremy Beadle Graffiti

This was drawn very large, and very somewhere it shouldn't be by my friend, who I'll call John Locke. I think it's fantastic and probably cheers lots of people up when they see it. John has been upping his game recently with lots of funny drawings, videos and prank phone calls.

When I was younger I remember being slightly disappointed when I discovered Jeremy Beadle wasn't really called "Jeremy Beetle" and I still think that's a better name. Oh well. Also, If we must mention the hand, the funniest thing I have read is someone saying this on a messageboard:

"Years of hard work in entertainment to be remembered for having a fucking ridiculous tiny fucking hand. The only reason I remembered his name is peeps used to do his hand in school photos."

Fairwell Jeremy Beetle. The jokes were inevitable, but it's a shame he died. He seemed alright.


  1. john lockes a hero like those old folk legends.
    where is this?

  2. its on a building site in edinburgh, next to another drawing of two grown men with willys out.