Friday, January 11

January News

Hello, Happy New Year! Were you sick? I wasn't. Hope you had a good festive period. I've had a pretty decent time, which I might write about soon, even though it's getting a little late into January for talk of past and future. Anyway, this is me back from my Christmas "break". It's a quiet time of year, but I'll mention a few things:

The Changing Room gallery, the only contemporary art space in Stirling is moving location. It's not going far, just up the hill to the Tolbooth, where it'll hopefully kick some bum. I became involved with the gallery in 2007 when I was fortunate enough to be asked to put on a mini solo show. After that, I did some more odds and ends, hung about, helped out and met some great folk. Kirsteen and the staff did some amazing things in the old place so the prospect of a new, more public, venue is quite exciting. The new space is on for a Spring / Summer launch, possibly (hopefully) with a new name.

It may be early to mention it but this is gonna sneak up and knock me over, I know it. In May I've got an as yet untitled solo show at Amble in Philadelphia. Who knows what I'll do, but it'll be bloomin' marvellous. I kid, but only a little bit. I'm really looking forward to spending more time through there and seeing the sights and friends and things.

Finally, let me blow my head up like a big balloon by linking to a nice wee write up I got: HERE, from Meighan O'Toole at My Love For You.. Regardless of the stuff about myself, it's a brilliant wee site where Meighan posts her favourite art, illustration and photography from all over the shop. The unstoppable posting of weird and wonderful stuff should be added to everyone's feeds. Meighan is clearly just into it and her enthusiasm is pretty infectious.

There are a good few other things knocking about but I don't want to write about them just now. Over January I'll get as much work up as possible as well as a few mini project things and other nonsense.


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  2. Hey!

    I wandered on over this way from SA.

    I'm actually from Scotland but live in Philadelphia now. You're doing a show over here? Super awesome! If you need any help with anything while you're over here or want to hang out, feel free to e-mail me at I've never been to Amble but I've heard good stuff about it.