Tuesday, January 22

Adam and Joe

Like most people, I'm influenced and inspired by all sorts of folks who do all sorts of things. I have favourite authors and artists and actors, Who doesn't? Somewhere in my brain box, however, is a mental list of my favourite favourites. This wee list isn't necessarily made up of the best of the best, just the people I like the most. I'll try to post about them here under the 'People' tag.

Adam Buxton and Joe Cornish get on this list. If you're not familiar with them, they're most famous for a television programme called "The Adam & Joe Show" broadcast on Channel 4 in the late 90s. The show was a mix of home-made nonsense featuring the chaps in their bedroom with a lot of ideas and some toys. See!:

There are tons of other clips from the show on YouTube, so have a hunt about. Adam has been uploading a lot of his personal ones (including the new stuff he did with Radiohead) to his blog and to his YouTube channel. Joe often writes good stuff on his MySpace blog.

Something I feel often gets overlooked is how just dang funny they are, regardless of the toys and the 'studenty bollocks' skits. They're a pair of polite, well educated and slightly posh dudes who can make chatting about trivial rubbish entertaining without ever falling into horrible internetty-humour or rubbish Family Guy style wackiness. They also have crazy amounts of pop culture knowledge (Joe in particular seems to have seen every horror film ever made) and damn good taste. They're brills!

Recently Adam and Joe have been floating about radio-land, starting out on XFM and now appearing on BBC 6 Music. Their show (HERE) goes out on Saturday morning and can be listened to live on the 6 Music site and heard for the whole week using the listen again feature. Radio suits them well as they're given space to talk about whatever they want and have even started trying to out-sing each other on their 'Song Wars' feature. They even write their own jingles and play good music.

Best of all is their podcasts. These are a mixture of highlights from their radio show as well as some new golden nuggets recorded especially for the downloads. The archive of their XFM stuff is available HERE and is in my opinion the best podcast out there. It's some of their funniest work and manages to be perhaps the only Gervais beater.

This week also sees the launch of their new BBC podcast and is the reason I am writing these words. Go and listen to it. You can download it for free HERE. There is also talk of a beefed up, new material, sweary version appearing sometime soon as well. There you go. Boy, I hope you like Adam & Joe.


  1. Is there anyway to get the BBC6 music podcasts that have been released sinse Decemeber? I have only (today) found out about these, and have missed about 10 podcasts!! If you know a way, that would be great... im deing to get hold of them , but they are not listed on the bbc site (possibly due to copy right reasons).

    Good post about them though :)

  2. They only started putting out BBC 6 Music podcasts a week ago, which means there are only 2 available. So, that's lucky I guess.

    Adam has mentioned putting out a collection of stuff from the start of their stretch on the BBC sometime, so they'll hopefully get round to it soon. They did some good stuff.

    Each week's Song Wars was available for download though, and like a mug I forgot to bother. I'd love to find a collection of them somewhere as they were plastic fantastic.

  3. Adam and Joe are fantastic!

    Their radio show gets me through a monday morning at work.

    Joe's Christmas Song Wars song was genius!