Thursday, December 13

I Lost My Bloomin' Sketchbook

Like a chump, I managed to lose my sketchbook the other night. It's a plain black A5 Moleskine which is about half full. Luckily, nothing important has been lost but there are a few bits and pieces in there I'll miss as well as a some postcards and stuff that people have given me that I liked to carry around.

Chances are it's been left it on a table or fell out my bag somewhere around the Meadowpark / Beat area near Stirling University. I definitely had it with me in Nicky-Tams and Varsity too incase that's where it vanished. I'm sure there is an alright reward stated on the first page, so if it were found, I reckon I'd be contacted. That probably means it's sat in a puddle somewhere, which is almost preferable to some stranger discovering the crap I write in it. If someone out there has found it, and has found this site, and are chuckling it up right now, all jolly, let me tell you that you're a stinker (unless you give it back then you're a lovely angel).


  1. I'll bet its the same fucker who has mine and my notebook and camera which im slightly embarresed about its like hi this is me and everything about me.
    It had my number and email on the usual moleskine reward page but still no luck the bams.
    To be honest im quite happy someone else has had bad luck thanks for losing your sketchbook it made me smile.

  2. Also lost my sketchbook, left it on a bus.
    why do people not return such things :(