Monday, November 19

We Can Work It Out at the GRV

I've found out what it was I was asked to do in the last post. I was part of We Can Work It Out in Studio Two at the GRV Project in Edinburgh. It's a collection of work from local(ish in my case) artists curated(ish) by Elph. It should run through November and into December.

The photos above are from the opening party, which was a bit more of an event than I was expecting. The GRV was holding it's big re-opening bash you see, so there were lots of people there for all the different things that were going on such as the helvetica retrospective, DJs, dancing and the posh bar. We were treated very nicely and had a good old time, even though we looked like a bunch of mugs compared to the incredibly beautiful and mysterious staff and media-types that seem to get shipped in for these things.

People in our show are: Elph, Gregor Louden, Acorn, We Are Weapon, Jetpac, Ruefive, Spie One, Carrie Maginn, Amy Whiten, Derm, Sole, Jekil and Klingatron.

I should mention that refurbishment of the venue went up right until the last minute. Klingatron has a wee blog HERE that shows quite well how much building and painting was going on throughout the day. Half of the bar furniture (and probably the bloomin' bar itself) lived in an alleyway until an hour before opening.

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