Monday, November 5

November News

I'm part of a group show at Analogue in Edinburgh called Take To The Woods. It's full of work from folk who have done stuff for Analogue over the years and should be fantastic. The exhibition runs from 16th November - 15th December, with a preview party on Thursday 14th at 7pm. Come along if you can. Everything is under £100 so there'll probably be some Christmas bargains to be had. There'll also be a wee zine to accompany the show.

This is the list of folk showing. Very pleased to be amongst them:
Acorn, Alexa Cameron, Chris Bourke, Claire Scully, David Galletly, Dist, Elph, French, Holly Wales, Iain Bruce, Jo Waterhouse, Jon Burgerman, Magda Boreysza, Marcus Oakley, Marcus Walters, Matt Pattinson, Matt Sewell, Natalie Russell, Neasden Control Centre, Nigel Peake, Robert Hanson, RueFive, Samuel Sparrow, Simon Peplow, Simone Lia, Stuart White, Supermundane, Suzi Q, Tommy Perman & Will Barras.

I'm familiar with the work of most of this lot, and I've no doubt the ones I don't know are also plastic fantastic. Particularly pleased that I'll be able to say I've been in a show with Simone Lia since I've been a massive fan of her work for ages. Have a look at it HERE.

My solo show, Tenterhooks, at Analogue finishes up on the 10th of November. If you can squeeze in a trip along before then, please do. I'll post properly about it once it's all down and stuff, but right now I can say I'm very pleased with how it went. Here's another wee image from the show:

The Analogue flickr page about my show has also been updated with some other photos.

I'll hopefully get round to tidying up this site a little and getting some more recent images up in the artwork section because it's starting to get a little tired looking.

I'm also working on stuff for a few people, as well as some little personal projects, when this stuff passes it's jinx point* I'll get it up here. I've a few ideas for some more in-depth posts. Doodles, sketches and photos will no doubt fly around as well.

*Jinx Point: The moment a proposed project is suitably set in stone that it can be talked about without the risk of looking a fool when it falls through.

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