Friday, August 3

The Edinburgh Festival

As usual, August means moaning about not going to Edinburgh enough. I live fairly near so nipping through is easy, but I still never quite manage to see as much as I'd like. I'll give it a fair bash this year though. Already been through twice and it's only the 3rd, which is pretty good considering it doesn't really kick off until the 4th.

I saw Phil Kay's "Justice" show, which was fun and the BO130 & Microbo exhibition at Analogue which was very good, if not strictly part of the festival.

I've made a list of who I especially want to see this year. They're all fairly well known, big-hitting guns. I'll no doubt end up in a few other bits and pieces on a whim. Above is a cheesy photoshop-filterific picture of these folks. In no particular order:

Stewart Lee: Like him, he's funny.
Richard Herring: So is he.
Phil Kay: The wee "Justice" show was alright, his main one should be pretty fly.
Simon Amstell: Not sure. Big fan of Popworld, not so much Buzzcocks.
Jerry Sadowitz: ha ha!
Daniel Kitson: He's another good guy.
Limmy: I've liked him since school but his stuff is quite hit-and-miss.
Trumptonshire Tales: Wee talk about Trumpton etc!
Kate Nash: If you don't want to marry Kate Nash, you're nuts.
Simon Munnery: Not seen much of his stuff for years.
Rich Hall: He'll be solid.
Mark Watson: He's doing another big 24hr effort.

£7.10 train fair though, crikey. Also, the Andy Warhol exhibition looks sharp.


  1. Sounds stupid. Love your art. Suck my digk.

  2. I'm not into girls, so I guess I just have to be nuts cuz I don't wanna marry Kate Nash. Good music though. Yes, quite.