Wednesday, March 21

Wanderlust, Philadelphia: Tree

I totally forgot I had a lot of my stuff from last months Wanderlust exhibition scanned and ready to upload. I'll try to get as much of it posted as I can soon. The above drawing is called 'Tree' and is made up of 3 separately framed sections. It's good old pen, ink and watercolour and nearly ruined my eyes. Detail:

It's sometimes a tough decision whether to go through with the colouring or not once the inking is done. I'd spent a few days on-and-off finishing the black and white version, it looked good enough to leave alone but I got some balls and did some colouring in. More detail:

I kept it pretty simple and I'm happy with the way it turned out. I had to crop it a little more than I would've liked thanks to our mad framing rush, but hey-ho.

POP FACT: The middle section can be removed and a short fat tree can be made with the top and bottom bits. I possibly like this one more than the tall version.

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