Friday, March 9

Twin Peaks

I've been watching a bunch of stuff on YouTube recently, mainly because I should be working. I'll try to start a wee weekly thing saying what I've been watching - as if the web needs another thing like that.

I'll set the bar high though with Twin Peaks. The now-famous series from the early 90s by David Lynch, based around the murder of a young high school student. It's bloomin' brilliant. The first time I saw it I got hooked and watched the whole lot in a day. I guess it's good that someone uploaded all the episodes because it's one of those things that everyone seems to have heard about but have never really seen. Be careful clicking the video if it's is new to you though - might just hook you all day. Buy the DVDs, they're going really cheap everywhere.

Oh yeah, if you do get the DVDs - watch the pilot first! It's really the extended first episode and you'd be missing out without it. The video above is the start of said pilot.

All the episodes, from the start on YouTube are HERE

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